How to Express Your Love This Mother’s Day

How to Express Your Love This Mother’s Day

How to Express Your Love This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a pretty special day on the calendar. It is one of the year's key dates for those of us who lucked out when it came to mothers. Of course, we should appreciate our mums all year round, but our lives are busy, and time often flies by without us focusing on much apart from work, school runs and housework. These celebrations ensure we take a break from our busy lives to acknowledge what is really important to us.

This special day, also known as Mothering Sunday, is not celebrated as a Bank Holiday in the UK, and most companies have a ‘business as usual’ policy. In fact, for a number of restaurants and pubs, Mother’s Day brings one of the busiest weekends of the year. But as it always falls on a Sunday, many of us have the luxury of spending it with those that mean the most to us – either to do the
spoiling or to be spoilt…hopefully, both!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 19th March – a little reminder for you!),

Mother’s Day is always held on the fourth Sunday of lent. It is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday and usually falls in the second half of March or early April. This year the day falls on the 19th March. But although we all know roughly when it is, not many people know it's history. So, let’s see if we can learn a thing or two.

Where Did it All Come From?

Like many dates in our calendar, this celebration started as a religious day. It was a time when people returned to the church where they attended services as a child or were baptised. This meant that children who had long flown the nest returned to the towns and villages they grew up in, and families reunited to spend quality time together. Although in our modern-day culture, many don’t celebrate Mother’s Day as a religious event anymore, it is often still a day where families meet up; it has kept the sentimental element of ‘bringing everyone together’. The tradition of passing on presents remains a way of expressing a thank you to mothers and mother figures (such as grandparents) who hold a special place in our hearts.

Want to send a positive pick me up to your mum, grandma, or Nan this Mother's Day?

Another fact unknown to many is that a gorgeous treat called a Simnel cake was once prepared to enjoy with family members on this day. Although this marzipan-covered delight is rarely heard of nowadays, it is still represented in many households with the sharing of other delicious treats and overindulgences. If there was ever a good excuse to eat cake, Mother’s Day is undoubtedly in the
top three. I don’t need anyone to tell me twice.

What’s The Best Gift to Give?

We all know the traditional gifts to give on Mother’s Day are flowers, chocolates, and afternoon tea. None of these things would be a disappointment in any shape or form, but wouldn’t it be nice to give something a little different, a little more personal? The idea of my gift boxes is that you can hand deliver them or send your loved one a present directly to their home address.

Original Mother's Day ideas that let Mom know how much you care. This year, make Mother's Day an exceptional occasion for the both of you.


Letterbox gifts have grown in popularity over several years but not more so than during the pandemic when people were looking for new ways to reach out to people they couldn’t visit. As we came out the other side, people had developed a love for sending gifts and expressing love for one another in a way they had never done before. Face-to-face contact has returned, but the popularity of letterbox treats remains as high as ever. Since 90% of what we receive through our doors are bills or appointment reminders, there is something extra special about the excitement of a mystery delivery.

Want to send a little box of delights to your mum, grandma, or nan? Why not come and have a little look at what we have to offer: Mother's Day Gift Box Collection 


We all know that mums are amazing. Put a smile on someone's face this Mother's Day


Our Mother’s Day gift box is the perfect way to share the love and let someone know they are special to you. You never know, if you hint loud enough, you might even get one yourself. A subtle screenshot and a link via Whatsapp often does the trick. If you can’t wait to check out our Mother’s Day luxuries, let’s give you a little sneak peek now. I promise it will be the pick-me-up they - or you -
need. So, what's inside the box? Let’s have a nose and find out…


1 x Mother’s Day Custom Chocolate (wrapped in Kitkat 4 fingers - Original packaging included)
1 x 7th Heaven Cucumber Face Mask
1 x Border Beautifully Crafted Biscuits
1 x Organic Epsom Bath Salts
2 x Twinings Glow Teabag
1 x Clipper Fair-Trade Hot Chocolate
1 x Nails (inc nail file)
1 x Love Hearts Sweet
4 x Lotus Biscoff biscuits
'You deserve to be pampered' Printed Card
Handwritten Personalised Message

1 x Gin & Tonic (200ml)
1 x Chewit Strawberry Bites (200g)
1 x Fluffy Cosy Socks


This Mothers day gift box is the perfect luxury gift to share the love and to let them know that they are loved❤️.

Let’s Wrap This Up…Literally

Without boring you with any more Mother’s Day history, let’s agree that it’s about one main thing…expressing love and appreciation to the mother figure in our lives. Our socials are bombarded with quotes about ‘a mother’s love’ and ‘all the things a mother does’, and there is no disputing that all of those things are true. But saying thank you isn’t about sharing a post on Facebook or tagging your mum in a cheesy quote that has caught your eye. Those things are nice, but it is more than that.

Mother's Day, or Mothering Sunday, is a time to show our appreciation for our mothers and the special mother figures in our life.
It is about finding time to spend together…even via Zoom. With modern technology, there are no excuses. I am sure a thoughtful present wouldn’t go amiss – shameless plug of our gorgeous gift boxes there – but if you only do one thing this Mother’s Day, make sure it’s to say ‘thank you, and I
love you’. Everything else is just a bonus. Have a fantastic time with those you love this Mother’s Day. Enjoy!


Much love,

Promise x

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